About Namibia

Unfortunately little is known about the pre colonial times of Namibia, as it was only when the Europeans arrived in Africa in the 1880's that the historical documentation began. Traces of the events that predated the colonisation of the county can however be found in the oral traditions that circulate in the local communities. Namibia has gone through two periods of colonisation, once by the Germans between 1880 and 1915 and once by the South Africans between 1915 and 1990. Now a stable independent country, it is officially known as the Republic of Namibia.



About Namibia

Namibia can be divided into four distinct topographical regions. The most definitive of the four is the Namib Desert, which is one of the oldest deserts in the world and from which Namibia derives its name. The Namib Desert covers approximately 15% of Namibia's land with dune seas, gravel plains and deep canyons such as the Fish River Canyon which is 160km in length, up to 27km wide in places and reaches a depth of 550 metres.

The central region has landscapes ranging from rugged mountains and rocky outcrops to sand filled valleys and endless plains. This landscape gradually falls away towards the east and turns in to the famous Kalahari Desert which sprawls into Botswana, Angola, Zambia and Zimbabwe. In the north it broadens considerably to include the plains around the Etosha Pan as well as Kavango and Caprivi. Almost half the size of Lebanon, the Etosha Pan is big enough to be classified as a saline desert.

(Approx) 825,000 square kilometres

Population: (Approx) 2.3 million people

Capital: Windhoek

Languages: English, German, Afrikaans, Rukwangali, Silozi, Setswana, Demara/Nama, Herero & Oshiwambo

Religion: Christian, Judaism, Muslim, Buddhism & Baha'i Faith.

Land borders: Angola, Zambia, Botswana & South Africa.

Climate:  Namibia's climate is typical of a semi-desert terrain characterized by hot days and cool nights. The coastal regions are generally cooler due to the Benguela current and over the central plateau which is higher up, temperatures are the lowest you'll find in the country.

Summer is from October to April where temperatures can reach up to 40º C, these temperatures however plummet at night to much cooler levels. Average daily temperatures range from 20 to 34º C.

Winter spans from May to September exhibiting wonderfully warm days, contrasted by very cold nights. At this time of year temperatures often drop below freezing over night.

Money: Namibian Dollar

Tipping: Tipping in Kenya is widely practiced, many employees in the tourism industry will not be earning a large basic wage and therefore rely on tips from customers to help financially. See below a guide to whom you should tip and an approximate amount to give:

Restaurants: 10% is the accepted tipping standard providing service is not included in the bill
Parking & Petrol attendants: N$5 - N$8
Hotel Porters: N$2 per bag
Tour Guides & Drivers: Clients own discretion

Formalities: For stays of up to 90 days a visa is not required if you are a UK resident holding a UK passport. For all other nationalities please check with the foreign office to confirm what your visa requirements are.

Travel advice: The Foreign and Commonwealth Office produce up-to-date information on countries around the world. This can be checked on



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